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EffingMusicFest Artist: Brushville


Sound: “Upbeat, rockin’ country!”
Latest Single: Bar Star

Formerly known as Brushfire, the band has adopted a knew name. Don’t let the name change fool ya though… they are still the same rockin’ country band that we know and love. They play ALL over Illinois so you may have seen them this summer if you were at the Windy City Smokeout or at Joe’s Bar earlier this month. We got to catch up with them… check it out below!

Chicagoland Country: Being from Illinois, are you guys excited to be playing the Effing Music Fest along side so many other Illinois-natives (Brett Eldredge, Dani Flowers, Drew Baldridge)?

BrushvilleWords cannot express how excited we are to play with a group of artists from Illinois.  There is SO MUCH talent from Georgia and Tennessee and Texas that are doing so well right now!  Illinois has produced some awesome talent from Allison Krauss to Gretchen Wilson to Suzy Bogguss to David Lee Murphy…but I almost feel like it is our duty, this group playing the Effing Music Fest, to keep that fire burning and put Illinois back on the country music map.  So that Nashville and the entire nation take notice of the talent here and the amazing fans.  The country music fans here in Illinois are absolutely incredible and they deserve a group of artists to represent them.  I hope one day we will make them proud.  Lord knows, we are working our tails off trying to do the right things to give them incredible music.  Brett Eldredge has taken the lead with an amazing single…now we just need to keep that momentum going!

Chicagoland Country founder, Sara, hangin with Brushville lead singer, Brett, at the Windy City Smokeout in July.

Chicagoland Country founder, Sara, hangin with Brushville lead singer, Brett, at the Windy City Smokeout in July.

CLC: What’s your favorite part about playing at festivals as opposed to solo shows?

Brushville: There’s a certain energy at festivals that is really unique.  If you have three or four bands there, then you typically play for people who have never seen you.  It’s a little different than a typical show we would headline, because our fans are ALWAYS ready to party!  Sometimes at festivals…it will take the people who haven’t seen us before a few songs to warm up to us.  It’s fun to watch from stage.  You can always tell our fans from the beginning…but, then eventually…as the show progresses…the entire crowd starts to liven up!  Not to mention…festivals are always outside during the day…there’s nothing better than listening to country music with a cold beer on a hot day!

CLCTell us a little bit about your new single Bar Star…

BrushvilleThe single, Bar Star is a rockin’, foot-stompin’ song about letting loose after a hard day’s work.  We chose to release it as our first single because we felt it fully embodies our high-energy, non-stop action, full throttle type of show.  Basically, we wanted our first impression to the world to be: “HEY!  We’re HERE!  Now you know where to come if you want to have a crazy night!”  We’re searching for every single #barstar out there…because that’s who we play for.  The people that work hard at their job all week and then need to let loose at night.

We can expect a full album from Brushville later this fall but in the mean time, go download Bar Star on iTunes! You won’t regret it. Check Brushville out on Facebook & Twitter and learn more about the Effing Music Fest here.

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