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Broseph E. Lee Heads to Chicagoland this Weekend (includes interview)

Country rock band Broseph E. Lee is heading our way this weekend with three stops in Chicagoland (details below). We got to chat with the high-energy group, who recently eared a Music Row top 40 single with their hit “Right Where She Wants Me.”

Thursday, August 11th – Bub City (River North)
Friday, August 12th – Bub City (River North)
Saturday, August 13th – Joe’s Live with Bobby McClendon (Rosemont) Tickets

Lead man Brock Jones opens up about where the band got its name, tricks to staying sane on the road and what’s ahead for the group.

Broseph E. Lee

Broseph E. Lee

Chicagoland Country: Your single “Right Where She Wants Me” cracked the top 40 on the Music Row chart and has over 25,000 streams on Spotify. What’s it like to gain that type of industry recognition and see crowds singing along to your song?

Brock Jones: It’s been really amazing to see “Right Where She Wants Me” continue to grow like it has. Watching so many people sing along to a song we wrote is such a dream come true.

We definitely have tons of hard working people out there to thank for making that happen for us including our team, our fans, and all of the country radio stations that continue to take a chance on Broseph E. Lee.

You are a six piece band, which is pretty unique. What is your favorite part about being a part of a group (as opposed to being a solo artist)?

The best part about being in a band is getting to share all of these amazing experiences together. We cram all of us along with our tour manager into our sprinter van – code named “Van Morrison” 😎 – and we get to travel the country playing our music and meeting new people everywhere we go. We are extremely blessed that we get to do this every day.

How did you all come together to form Broseph E. Lee?

I started Broseph E. Lee back in 2011, back then it was basically just a platform for me and my buddy to write songs and play for free beer in our hometown bar. Since, it has really grown into a bigger operation. The 6 piece line-up we have now has been together for about two and a half years. We all got together while in college down in the St. Louis, MO area. All of us kind of came together through mutual friends, we just started writing and jamming as a group and haven’t really stopped since.

Where does the band name come from?

The name comes from “Broseph” being just another word to describe a best friend or a brother, and the “E.” and “Lee” are just a middle initial and a middle name. We get asked about our name quite often, and even though it is a bit different, we really feel like it describes us well. We are six best friends on a never ending tour together, so why not just call ourselves Brosephs!

You guys are based in Illinois but tour all over the country. What’s your trick to staying sane while on the road so often?

Yea! I’d say we currently have 3 different places we call home. We are always bouncing back and forth between Nashville and Central IL, but lately it seems like our van and the road has been our home. Speaking for myself, I’d say that I stay sane by being able to crawl into my bunk and just get away. I can throw some headphones in and take it easy or I can work on some new lyrics. Shoot, I’m in my bunk right now doing this and its making me feel pretty sane! But other than that, we always try to find fun stuff to do when we can, and honestly, all the great people we get to meet along the way really help control our sanity.

What’s your favorite part about playing in Chicago? 

Our favorite part about playing in Chicago is definitely the atmosphere. It’s so great to be able to bring our rockin’ country show into an amazing city and be greeted with genuine fans of country music. Y’all may not be living in the backwoods, but it’s obvious to us that the fans in Chicago definitely love country music just as much as the next. We appreciate all the love and support we have received thus far and we are looking forward to converting ALL of the good people of Chicago into members of #BroNation real soon!

For more information, visit the band’s official website.

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