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Brett Eldredge Releases Music Video Filmed at Wrigley Field

Country superstar (and Paris, IL native!) Brett Eldredge, released a new music video for his current single, “Wanna Be That Song.”

The video debuted at Wrigley Field during a Cubs game. Music video goals, anyone? It was also the location where the video was shot, making it the first music video to ever be filmed there.

The video is a mash-up of Eldredge singing on the field with a 1940’s-themed flashback montage that chronicles the various stages of a relationship between a couple from first dating, to marriage and kids. Eldredge, who has never been shy in expressing his love for both beer and baseball, posted the following photo of him at the game this week.

Doesn’t get much better than Wrigley Field in the summer.

“Wanna Be That Song” is Brett’s third single off his sophomore album, Illinois. “Drunk On Your Love,” topped the charts at No. 2, and “Lose My Mind,” peaked at No. 1.

Watch the video below.

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